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  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards except for American Express.
  • Will my windows be installed from inside or the outside?
    On most occasions HMR Windows installs windows from the outside. Even though this is the case, our installation crew will still need interior access when setting the windows and when conducting any interior finish work such as caulking or trim.
  • Do you provide installation year-round or only during certain times of the year?
    HMR Windows provides installation throughout the year regardless of the season. To minimize any energy costs to the customer, our crews install one window at a time and make sure to close off the rooms they are in to minimize any potential loss.
  • Do you offer any additional services that may pertian to the installation of my new windows?
    All jobs are unique and may not be as “cookie-cutter” as you would think. For these specific jobs, HMR Windows will include additional services needed to finish your project: Stucco Repair– On houses with stucco, HMR Windows will perform stucco cutback in order to flash the replacement windows so that a proper moisture barrier is installed instead of relying upon the previous installation. Unlike most other Companies, Once the windows have been installed, we will be responsible for finishing the stucco repair. Drywall Repair – On some occasions when replacing wider framed windows with ones that are narrower, it may be necessary to repair the drywall to cover up the difference in width. Unlike most other Window companies, once the windows have been installed, we will be responsible for finishing the Drywall repair. Painting – HMR Windows does provide minimal painting services, provided client provides paint. This is limited to drywall, trim, or stucco. Miscellaneous – Any other specific service or trade work required for the job will be the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to contract. HMR Windows will not be responsible for any delays or additional work needed by other trades in order to complete the project.
  • What do I need to know prior to the installation of my new windows?
    Prior to installation, the homeowner will be responsible for the following (if applicable): Making arrangements for the removal and re-installation of any of the following: Alarms and security systems – HMR windows will not be responsible for removal or replacement of security devices or systems already installed on existing windows/doors. Trimming back any trees, bushes, shrubs, and flower beds. Our crews will only cut back low-hanging branches that limit their ability to do their job safe and efficiently. If any other bushes, shrubbery, or flowers need to be protected, please inform our crews and they will take the proper precautions to keep these intact and as undamaged as possible. Providing jobsite access. Please make sure to communicate with our installation crews regarding the following jobsite access conditions: Installers will need a convenient location to place the new product to be installed, park their vehicle(s), and store any equipment needed for the job. Installers will need access to a grounded electrical source in order to run and operate the equipment needed for the installation. Please make sure that there is a cleared walkway to each window/door being replaced. Installers will be entering/exiting your home regularly, so please make sure to properly secure all pets. Installers will be entering/exiting your home regularly, so please make sure to properly secure all pets.
  • Will HMR Windows remove my burglar/security bars?
    HMR Windows will remove them upon customer request, but will not be responsible for reinstalling them.
  • Will HMR Windows dispose of my old windows and screens?
    Yes. It is our standard procedure following installation to remove all of the old product and any debris that was replaced and recycle it at our facility. Please notify us ahead of time if you would prefer to be responsible for the old product on your own.
  • What can I expect once I'be decided to use HMR Windows to replace my windows?
    Our goal is to ensure that your new windows/doors are ordered correctly and accurately. We prefer a thorough approach to this so that the chances of mistakes are minimal and so that the installation goes smoothly. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect once you tell your salesman that you’ve chosen HMR Windows to be your replacement window company: SIGNED CONTRACT & DEPOSIT FINAL MEASURE PURCHASING (Lead Time begins at this point in the ordering process) PRODUCT ARRIVAL & QUALITY CHECK INSTALLATION SCHEDULING INSTALLATION
  • How long will it take for my windows to arrive?
    Lead times are based off of the date that the window is ordered once HMR Windows has completed final measure, obtained a signed contract, and processed the deposit. Since we order direct from the manufacture, our lead time is only 7-10 days. Lead times will always be specified on your contract.
  • How long will my installation take to be completed?
    In most cases, installs will usually be completed in an 8-hour day, but may require additional days to be completed that may depend upon the installation method, readiness of contractor-prepped openings, the number of windows to be replaced or installed, and any other special factors that are unique to the job. Most residential installs take 1-2 days to complete.
  • Are my windows covered under warranty through HMR Windows?
    Yes. We offer a written limited warranty provided to you at time of contract signing.
  • If I experience a problem with my windows or the installation what should I do?
    A service representetive will always be available to take your service request and give it our upmost urgency to take care of your concern. We back our windows 100%.

 FAQ's Abour Our Window Replacement Services

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